Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I want to ride my bicycle

Decided to give spinning a miss last night and go for a bike ride instead as it was such a nice evening. I set myself a target of at least 15 miles and 1500 calories. Ended up doing nearly 18 miles and 1600 calories taking in farnham, fleet, aldershot. Good ride but boy did my backside ache afterwards!

Weight this morning: 19st 12 1/4lbs :-) Still going in the right direction (and I had a pizza blowout on Monday!) Strange that the diet always goes really well when I'm extremely busy at work. I guess it because I never have time to stop and think about food. One thing I must start doing is getting out during my lunch break. The last few days have got to 5.30 and I haven't been out of the office all day. That can't be very good for me. I does however mean my holiday is getting closer - woo hoo!

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