Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Back to the grindstone

First day back at work after over 2 weeks off was pretty hard going today. Nothing major just hard getting back into the routine.

We had a great holiday despite the British weather's best efforts to ruin it. We had rain, gale force winds, thunder and lightning and a very small amount of sun. We managed to get a little colour to our cheeks and were out and about most days.

Things picked up after finding the body on the beach on my first morning. We managed to get loads of time in the boat and did so much I can't remember most of it. We'll definately do 2 weeks again.

I've updated my blogger profile with a new photo today to hopefully show a new leaner me, here they are side by side:

old me new me

OK, so it's not that obvious that I've lost 3 stones (put 5lbs back on over the holiday but that's to be expected)

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