Thursday, August 12, 2004

1 more day to my holiday.....

Can't wait. Packed up the trailer last night. Was quite shocked when it was nearly fully after just putting the boat and the engine in it, luckily it's decpetively roomy with the lid as well and managed to get at least a third of what would normally go in the car in there as well as all the boating gear. We may still have to put the roof box onto the trailer as well.

Weather forecast for Dartmouth is looking a little better now and no rain is forecast for the next 5 days. The nice thing about Devon is that even if it does rain there's so much to do that I really don't mind. It's a break from work and home life and more time spent with Katie and the girls and that's what's more important. Sadly we're going to miss the Red Arrows in Dartmouth, this is easily one of there most spectacular locations for a display but we're there for the rest of the Dartmouth Regatta including a Waterborne Treasure Hunt - should be fun.

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