Sunday, July 11, 2004

Undoing all the good work.

Had a real shock when I weighed myself last night before bed - 20st 13 3/4lbs!! ouch. Where's that come from? I shouldn't be too surprised though, curry on Friday and then a Pizza yesterday.

I'm going to do everything I possibly can to ensure I hit 20st by the time we go on holiday in the middle of August. One of these things will be to open myself up to ridicule by putting my weight on here daily. I've got to do something, I just wish I had more willpower and had the ability to refuse a pizza or a curry.

This mornings weight: 20st 10 1/4lbs (3 1/2 lbs off overnight!). Spookily, I had a note through the post from the local WeightWatchers meeting organiser asking if I'd like to come back and not pay any penalties for the time missed. I think I might although I can't help thinking I'm not getting much value for money. £4.75 a week to get weighed, no meetings or anything and the women who take the money aren't the friendliest of people.

I'm also going to drop my daily points from 36 to 34. So far today I've had 7 points, that leaves 29 (out of 36) so if I can kick start this and just use 20 for the rest of the day I'll be happy. I also need to get back down the gym at the weekends for spinning and a workout on Saturdays and Sundays.

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