Thursday, July 22, 2004

Should I stay or should I go?

That's the decision I'm currently faced with at my Gym in Farnham. I'm getting really fed up at the state of the spinning bikes in the class I go to a couple of times a week and the spinning bikes keep getting moved around the gym. You always feel like you don't belong when the whole gym sound system is taken over during a spinning class. The spinnings has always been an after thought.

The bikes aren't maintained properly and pedals and cranks have snapped, tension adjusters don't work (not all for me!). I actually wrote a letter of complaint earlier in the year when they got to a similar state and they were all fixed and had the promise of a proper maintenance contract.

Now I've seen the light! I had a look around the gym in Farnborough last night and it's a different world! The gym is 3 times the size of farnham, better equipped with air conditioning that works AND they've got a separate spinning studio. Farnham has a total of 6 bikes. Farnborough has at least 15. Apparently the lights go down, there's wind machines, disco lights and it's a really motivating class.

The downside is the cost. We currently pay £69 a month at Farnham for a family membership. For that we get unlimited use of the gym, the pools, sauna, the fitness classes and the girls swimming lessons.

Farnborough costs £76 per month for family membership but that excludes swimming lessons for the girls. You do however get the gym, the farnborough pool, fitness classes, sauna, steam room, kids play areas, aldershot Lido, the spinning studio (Cyclone!).

I'm not prepared to sacrifice the girls swimming lessons just because I've got a downer with Farnham gym at the moment so basically am I prepared to pay and extra £40 a month for decent spinning classes .... hmmm. I'm looking at one more gym tonight to see what they have to offer.

watch this space

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