Saturday, July 10, 2004

The old codgers are back in town.

Went for a boys night out in Farnham with some mates of mine last night. Had a really good time and managed not to drink too much or eat too much. It's buggered up my diet again this week. Had a few beers in the Hop Blossom and I can thoroughly recommend their "Summer Ale" and finished up with a very good curry in the Balti Hut.

Not quite sure how I managed it but during the usual rounds of bad jokes I ended up telling exactly the same joke as one of the other guys had only 5 minutes previous. I didn't remember him saying it so I must have either been at the bar or in the loo (well it's either that or the alzheimers has kicked in already!)

Well done McLaren!!

After a really bad start to the F1 season, McLaren have managed to get Kimi Raikkonen on pole position for tomorrows British Grand Prix - nice one! I just hope the race is more interesting than most of the others this season.

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