Monday, July 12, 2004

Not surprised

Weigh day today, managed a slight recovery but still up on last week. 20st 8 1/4 lbs, up 1 1/4lbs since last week. Could have been much worse though.

I've had a good day today and will definately stick to my points every day this week. Target next week is 20st 6lbs.

And if it wasn't hard enough to motivate myself to exercise I've found out that one of the places I play badminton has put their prices up! it's now £8.05 for an hours court hire. Rip Off Britain at it's finest.

Roger, Roger

Farnborough Air show starts next monday which means there's lots of free displays all this week while they practice. We're quite lucky that we live far enough away from Farnborough to not be too bothered by traffic yet close enough to see a lot of the flying. I think we're all going to go along on one of the public days, even Kira, who absolutely loved the Red Arrows at last years Dartmouth Regatta

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