Sunday, July 04, 2004

Great day yesterday

We had a really good day yesterday for our 11th wedding anniversary.

Katies parents had the girls for the day (and night) and picked them up at about 10.30. The show didn't start until 2.30pm but Katie and I decided to make a day of it and got up to London with a few hours to spare.

The Northern line reminded me why a hate the London Underground with a passion. We were crammed in like sardines and decided to come off a stop early at Picadilly Circus and meander up to the Dominion Theatre at Tottenham Court Road.

We wandered through Chinatown and Soho and had an absolutely gorgeous sandwich at Pret-a-Manger and then did a quick mooch up and down Oxford Street (taking advantage of a rather good sale in HMV) and then up and down Tottenham Court Rd (and avoided spending any money).

Took our seats at about 2pm for the 2.30 showing of We Will Rock You and was completely mesmerised for the length of the show. Was a little disappointed that the audience didn't really hot up until after the interval but there was copious cheering and hand clapping most of the way through.

Nearly all of the main cast had amazing voices and really did justice to the array of Queen hits they were singing. There is a review of yesterdays show here:

A couple of times the music rose to such a crecendo that it literally sent goosebumps down my back. I definately would go and see it again given the chance.

When we came out of the theatre we avoided all the rickshaw's waiting to ripoff an unsespecting tourist and headed for the Virgin Megastore as I wanted to pick up a copy of the Queen at Wembley '86 DVD for a bit of nostalgia.

After the earlier experience with the tube we decided to take a slow walk back to Waterloo and wandered through Leicester Sqaure, Trafalgar Square, Soho Square, Chinatown (again), Russell Square, Horseguards Parade and then across the Thames to Waterloo. It took a little longer than it probably should have as we didn't always know exactly where we were.

We said how sad it was that we didn't know our capital city very well.

As the queues were very short we decided to take advantage of the clear evening and take a "flight" in the London Eye. This really has to be experienced. The 30 minutes it takes to complete 1 revolutions goes so quickly as the scenery and sights are amazing.

After a pleasant train journey back (and a quick doze) we finished the evening off with a meal out at our local curry house, The Gulshan. Excellent food as usual rounded off an excellent day.

I just need to fast today for my weigh in tomorrow - oops.

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