Monday, July 26, 2004

excellent weekend

Had a great weekend but am completely knackered now.

Went to the airshow on Saturday with Katie and the girls as well as Garan. He hadn't been to an airshow for a long time so was quite taken aback by just what was on display. The usual highlights were the Red Arrows, the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Harrier GR7. I have to admit at being very shocked when I saw the Apache Longbox Helicopter do it's display. Helicopters shouldn't be able to loop the loop and do barrel rolls!!

Gorgeous weather, loads of suntan lotion, plenty to drink. A good day.

Yesterday we took the boat down to the Hamble again and put it in at Warsash. Got quite a shock when I saw a car driving past us in the middle of the Hamble, it was a Gibbs Aquada. Certainly a head turner. Got a nice couple of hours on the river, let Rhian drive for a little while then took them for the obligatory speed along the solent :-0 - The Solent was quite choppy again so we spent as much time airborne as we did in the water. We also got well and truly soaked. Had to do an emergcy rescue for a hat overboard as the wind stole Rhians cap while we were bombing along.

Katie's taking the girls camping tonight so I have some time to myself. Now, what should I do...?

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