Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Life's a blur at the moment.

I've no idea where the weekend went. Built the new trailer on Saturday, then had to ferry the girls around to party, park, swimming while Katie was facepainting again. Was bad with the diet this weekend with a Pizza, a chinese AND a BK. But still managed to lose over 2lbs this week. I'm also back into the swing of things with spinning now and had another good session last night at the gym.

Saw the colour photo of Rhian in the paper, very nice, I'll put it up here in a day or so.

Took a trip down to Southampton and Portsmouth on Sunday to look at a camping/trailer shop which was disappointing and then onto the new Outlet Shopping centre "Gunwharf Keys" in Portsmouth. Not sure I'll attempt to use the main car park again as it took over 1/2 hr to get in. The shops were all very nice but no one seemed to have anything in an XL or XXL so it was no good for me whatsoever.

quack quack

Saw the psychologist yesterday afternoon about coming off my tablets and he agreed it was the right thing to do. He really just re-affirmed what I already knew in that I shouldn't try to avoid anxiety but use what I know to deal with it instead. It's all very easy to say in the cold light of day but we'll see. I see my doctor on Monday to actually start the process and see how long she things I should take to come off them.

damn spyware

Yep, it's still there. Tried the most recent version of SpySweeper as well as AdAware and Spybot and yet the popups keep re-appearing. The users of the PCs are being very patient (one is the MD!) yet I think it's starting to grate a little. I think a rebuild is my only option at the moment.

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