Thursday, June 17, 2004

Good news

Kira (youngest) has been signed off by the speech therapist as she's gone from having speech that's about 6 months behind to having better speech than the average five year old (she's only just 4). The speech therapist was really pleased with her progress. So are we - Well Done Kira!

Aching today

Played an hour of badminton last night and my leg are really aching today. I gave it everything I had but still lost 2 games to 1 but had a good laugh. It was sooooo hot in the sports hall last night I must have sweated off a few pounds too.


I've been fairly good with the diet so far this week and I weighed myself this morning and am about 2 pounds down from mondays weight. I've stuck to my points for all but one day but I've made that up already. I find it much easier to manage if I can keep more than 18 points for the evening.

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