Monday, June 14, 2004

Feeling strange today

Not quite sure why, but I'm feeling a bit down today. I'm pretty sure it's due to my hayfever which has been bad for a few days and always makes me feel a bit low. There's nothing worse than itchy eyes and constantly runny nose and absolutely nothing will stop them. I'm dosed up on my hayfever tablets but forgot to take the nose spray and eye drops this morning.

I'm also feeling a bit despondant about my diet. I just cannot get back the motivation I had previously and keep snacking in the evenings like a naughtly little boy. I've lost 1 1/4 lbs since last week but I know I can lose much more than that if I stick to the diet. I don't know how I can give myself the required kick to get back into shape.

I'm back spinning tomorrow night and need to book a badminton court for wednesday night so that might start the ball rolling. I really had no inclination to go to the gym at all this weekend.

Ready to tow

Thanks to help from Garan we managed to get the towbar fitted to my Galaxy this weekend. It was a little tricker than anticipated and I'd never have managed it on my own. Got it all wired up yesterday and just need a trailer to test it out. Went and had a look at one locally that was a right state, the chassis was all rusted, so were the wheels and the body was all rotten and flaky with screws sticking through the inside. Definately not worth £95 and I wouldn't have had the time or the inclination to do it up as a project.

Wasting the weekend

Katie had 2 lucrative face painting jobs this weekend which meant I was looking after the girls for quite a while. This wasn't really fair on them as I really just felt like lounging around and not doing much as it was so hot. They played nicely together for a little while and then started getting bored and winding each other up and then I started getting ratty with them. Thinking back, I've really wasted a nice weekend. We don't get many of them and I should be more considerate to what the girls need.

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