Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Bit of a relief

Went to the Drs this morning and she's said the lump on my head is nothing to worry about but it will need to be removed as it's growing so fast. She said it was a bit "warty" (in a heavy scottish accent). She's going to make an appointment for me at the skin clinic. That's a relief.

A Tale of 2 Trailers

I've now managed to end up with 2 trailers. Found a very cheap wooden one locally that just needed some paint and varnish and knocked the guy from £40 down to £30. He then proceeded to tell me that he'd bought a new one from Halfords that was £100 off! until the end of the week. This was a massive trailer and exactly what I need, 5'x3' galvanised steel. And just £299.

I did no more than to pop to Halfords and pick one up (not literally as it's extremely heavy and flat packed!). I've now put the first trailer on ebay starting at £40. It's had over 40 views already and there are 3 people watching it :-)

A good nights sleep...

..makes the world of difference (and taking the right tablets). I feel so much better today.

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