Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Another weekend's flown by far too quickly. But at least we got out as a family on Sunday and took the boat down to the river hamble. It was a spur of the moment thing. We haven't inflated the boat or anything this year so we checked the boat and engine out before we left and took the boat down on the roof of the car. We put the boat in at the mouth of the Hamble in Warsash.

This was much easier than spending 30 minutes inflating it on the slipway. We even remembered to make a note of the wind speeds before we went so we knew what to expect. If only the engine had started a little easier! even though I did start it at home first and it started straight away.

The girls love it on the boat and were pestering me to go faster so that they get bounced around. We decided to go upstream as it was windy in the solent and this was nice and peaceful. On one particularly quiet stretch of river I opened the throttle up and was surprised how quickly the boat got onto the plane. I guess I shouldn't be surprised as between Katie and Me we've lost nearly 5 stone. We managed to get up to 13 knots which is plenty fast enough for a small inflatable boat.

We ventured briefly into the Solent at the end of the trip and got well and truly soaked as we were heading into the wind and it was very choppy. The girls were giggling so much it was great. I took them round one more time as we were having such a laugh.

Finished off with a quick drink in the pub on the slipway. I'm really looking forward to camping in Dartmouth in August as we're taking the boat with us as well.

Car insurance

Had the annual battle with car insurers today, while trying to get the cheapest possible quote. I'm amazed how much it varies between companies. Got turned down for insurance from a couple of places, including Sainsbury's because Katie has an SP30 speeding fine on her licence. This also put the price up on the places that did quote me as well. Most expensive quote today was £690 but ended up getting it for £406 which isn't too bad. They even do interest free credit as well.

It's time...

.....to start coming off the Seroxat. Spoke with my Dr yesterday and she thinks it's the right thing to do as well and has told me to take it slowly. I'm going to take one tablet every other day for a month and then every 3rd day for at least a month after that. I think last year I was naiively expecting the anxiety to disappear but in reality it doesn't. I then just reacted badly when the axiety re-appeared. Hopefully I'm better equipped to deal with it now. Only time will tell.

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