Monday, May 17, 2004

Under Pressure

Swapped the pressure washer at Argos today for a more expensive Karcher model. It's a 1000x better than the Argos own brand one. No cutouts, quieter and much much more powerful :-). Gave Katies car the once over and then proceeded to clean some of the pathways. I then discovered one of the disadvantages of having a powerful pressure washer - I got absolutely soaked and caked in gunk. Still good fun.

Cable Modem Woes

Well considering there was no known local outage, my cablemodem magically came back on at about 3pm this afternoon, albeit running at about 56k speeds. I didn't have the patience to call the unhelpful support line this evening, I'll give them 24 hrs and then put my compensation claim in for loss of service. I'm thinking it's probably worth looking at external hosting for SMTP and WEB sites. Katie could actually be losing business because of this outage.

Bloody Blogger

Still can't get their FTP upload working with my FTP server. And on top of that, I've noticed that the templates are faulty and my postings get narrower as you scroll down the sceen.