Wednesday, May 26, 2004

still got lots to do

We've got nothing ready for camping on Friday. I don't know how we manage to completely fill the back of a Ford Galaxy AND roof box when there's just the 4 of us going for a week. Still it should be good fun, even if it will be a little damp.

I've got to get my car taxed before we go and I'm out of the office at some boring IT Compliance seminar tomorrow morning. The only upside is that I may get to have a quick look around the Williams F1 Visitors Centre if I get a few moments afterwards. I'm not sure I will as I have to get back to the office to make sure I can hand everything over before my holiday.

I'm much more comfortable leaving the office now as I know full well that there's nothing that the guys in the office can't deal with. It was about this time last year that my panic attacks started growing because I was never sharing any information about what I was doing and consequently I was forever worrying that I was the only one who would be able to fix any problems. This led me to keep asking what if I couldn't fix it.

Hopefully if the guys ever read this they may see how much I appreciate working with such a good team. If it wasn't for them just getting on with it when I was signed off for 3 weeks last year then I'd be a complete wreck by now. As it is I'm just a partial wreck ;-)

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