Monday, May 24, 2004

Hurrah - losing weight again!!

After what seems like ages, I've finally lost a decent amount of weight again this week (yes, even after having curry and beers on Friday night).

Weighed myself this morning and am now 20st 5.25lbs, thats over 4lbs lost since last Monday! - Still got a long way to go and I'm still massively overweight, even for my height. I'll get there, this is just what I needed to get the motivation going again. I wonder if it has something to do with me NOT doing any gym this weekend.

Didn't manage to do any spinning yesterday. I turned up, only to be told the spinning instructor has gone home sick. Nice of them to phone me and let me know. Thought I may as well do a workout while I was there. Did 10 minutes on a rowing machine, got fed up and went home. Funny how sometimes I'm really motivated and sometimes I'm not.

Managed to get the garage cleared out yesterday. Hurrah! There was rubbish in there that's been lying dormant for years. Took a carload down the dump and then had a massive tidy up. There's loads of space now :-) I should have no problems getting all the camping gear out on Thursday for our holiday.

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