Sunday, May 23, 2004

good curry

Had a great time on friday evening. Went out with a couple of friends for some beers and a curry and it was like old times. No kids, very relaxed. We need to do it much more often. Was up nice and early yesterday with no signs of a hangover whatsoever :-)

Managed to make some headway in sorting out the study. Replaced 3 multiway adapters with one 10 way adapter and ending up using 5 sockets less when all the cables were removed :-0

Today I've got to make a start on the garage. I need to be able to dig out all the camping gear for our holiday next weekend. We've decided that although it is sunny today it's too chilly to take the boat out and we've got too much other stuff to do.

Got spinning in a little while and need to make sure to burn off as many calories as possible to undo the damage done by the beers and curry. Still on target to lose a couple of lbs this weekend.

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