Monday, May 17, 2004

Glorious weekend

Finally some sunshine shone in Farnham this weekend. Sadly the grass had to be cut before we could spend anytime in the garden without fear of losing the children. My Dad stayed with us until Sunday lunchtime.

Got 2 visits to the gym this weekend including 1 spinning session. Diet was going really well until we decided to have a barbecue on Sunday evening and invite some friend round. Doh!. Weighed myself this morning and I've put 1lb back on since last week. I think I'll give the meeting a miss as I don't need to spend £5 to be told I've put on.

I think I'll manage WW fine just using the online service. That'll save me £20 a month.

New Toys

With a combination of Reward Vouchers and some money from my Dad for my birthday (21st if you're interested ;-) ) I bought a pressure washer from Argos. Wanted to clean the pathways and my car. I also wanted one with a detergent dispenser and a rotary brush for less than £100. Found one for £69.99 which was their own brand. Decided that even though everyone I know recommends Karcher, I'll go for the Argos one.

Wrong move! - It worked fine while cleaning the car as it was on and off in regular bursts albeit noisy ones. But as soon as I moved onto the pathways it cut out after 5 minutes of constant use through overheating. You then have to leave it for 5 minutes and try again. I did this twice before it got boring.

Needless to say it's going back to Argos today to be exchanged for a Karcher model.